Thorb is an independent artist out of Poughkeepsie, New York. He began making music in 2012, but didn’t release his first single until 2017. Despite countless songs being finished, they weren’t good enough in his eyes. He’d reach out for help but quickly noticed his high level effort was never reciprocated. He then spent an entire summer teaching himself how to record, produce, mix, and master his own records. The rest was history.

He instantly made a splash, earning a placement on a record featuring superstar, French Montana, in 2020. Followed up in 2021, earning a feature with yet another hip hop star, Wale. He continued making a name for himself, using social media to grow his brand. In 2022, he went “viral” on TikTok numerous times, gaining over 30 million views in just a four month span. The recognition from the platform landed him deals with the San Antonio Spurs, the US Open, Spotify, etc.

Moving forward he looks to develop his craft even further and reach more eyes and ears with the music. He refuses to be outworked so you can expect releases coming as frequent as ever!

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